Recycling in Bolton

About Us

Valley Recycling specialises in fibre recovery, by stripping yarn from cones, bobbins, and cobs. We are situated in Bolton, and have been providing this efficient service for the past 18 years since 2000.Valley Recycling, recovers and processes the yarn with specific engineered pieces of equipment, including yarns strippers, cutters, conveyors and balers. Innovating and developing solutions to customer requirements using local engineering companies around Bolton.

Our main service is waste management, and to ensure that we are limiting the amount of waste produce, instead of sending these materials and bobbins to a landfill, we recycle them into bales and export, so they can be recycled into products. We do this by using engineered yarn-stripping machines, and we separate the yarns from the packages, and bale the material for recycling use within the textile or plastics industry.

Whilst nylon 6 /66, and polypropylene yarns are our main value streams. We also recycle nylon warp residues, polyester yarns, plastics, and cardboard.

Eco-Friendly Recycling

We are a completely GREEN manufacturer, aware of the environment and can assure you everything gets used in our production, with nothing going to landfill. All materials we handle are recycled within Europe. Waste separation, recycling and CO2 emissions have been fixed elements of production processes for many years. We use a process called cradle to cradle, which helps us recycle as much waste as possible this means closing the material loop and up-cycling materials instead of the traditional down-cycling.

Economic & Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces the need for landfill space. Textiles present particular problems in landfill as synthetic (man-made fibres) products will not decompose, which contributes to global warming
  • Reduces pressure on virgin resources
  • Aids the balance of payments as we import fewer materials for our needs
  • Results in less pollution and energy savings, as fibres do not have to be transported from abroad
  • Furthermore we try and help the community by priding ourselves on employing long term unemployed people and training them in a new skill


We provide our own transport to import our products as we have our own wagon and trailer units, and work alongside close partners and customers for international shipping.